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SOLUTIONS FOR CHEMICAL PROCESSING EXCELLENCE: For over 50 years Pope Scientific has manufactured chemical processing equipment, engineered systems and laboratory apparatus for distillation, separation, purification and mixing applications. Designs are scalable to accommodate lab, pilot & large-scale production systems.

Our Wiped Film Distillation Technology provides the gentlest separations of materials high in BP, MW, heat sensitivity and viscosity. Highest product quality
and yield is enabled by high vacuum capability & short residence time.

Along with the manufacturing of complete turnkey processing equipment, additional services include toll processing (customized contract distillation) for cost effectiveness, and feasibility testing to demonstrate process/equipment success.

Product lineup includes fractional distillation systems, wiped film stills, hybrid wiped film/fractional stills, process vessels & systems and Nutsche filter-dryers.

Proven applications cover fine & specialty chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, edible oils, esters, foods, flavors, fragrances, natural extracts, bio-based chemicals & fuels, silicones, and many other temperature-sensitive separations.

We also manufacture cannabis & hemp processing specialty equipment.




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